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OCC Switzerland

OCC Switzerland For the last 40 years, OCC Switzerland has been developing and manufacturing Swiss high-quality disinfectants for healthcare and service professionals.Mission Statement Our mission is to fight diseases worldwide by manufacturing high-quality Swiss disinfectants.Company History Over 40 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing disinfectants.


The ZOLL AED Plus gives even infrequent rescuers the confidence they need to help save lives. Simple audio prompts and illustrations reinforce every step in the resuscitation process


are made with high-end, shatter-resistant glass to ensure optimum edge-to-edge clarity in a large viewing field. Our variety of magnification options and large selection of loupe styles ensure that most any need is met with an elegant and customizable solution.


Mani for advanced treatment


Luxator By DIRECTA Directa´s products are developed and evaluated by our selected team of highly-qualified and renowned Swedish and international dentists with the aim of making life easier for the dentist in his daily clinical work.


Careleen เด็กใช้ได้ ผู้ใหญ่ใช้ดี แบบ Alcohol Food Grade 75% ป้องกัน Covid