About Us

Found : 2012

• An affiliated company of Shanghai Dental Supply, one of the well-know Dental Supply
• Distributors in Thailand established since 1960.

Vision :

Striving to be one of the top ten distributors in Dental Supply area.

Mission :

• Providing a wide range of quality products to all the dentists with excellent services.
• Building customer base with optimum coverage.

Philosophy :

Only Genius Brands we trust, Serving genuine to dentists.


Mr.Pongsak Ekmanasikarn.


• Master Degree , Kasersart University
• Bachelor of Business Administration (Management)
• Master of Business Administration Program in Entrepreneurship.


• 10 year worked at HONDA Leasing (Thailand )co.,Ltd.
• 3 year work at Shanghai Dental group position Marketing Consultant
• Present Managing Director at Deva medical supply co.,ltd.