Luxator® P-series


Increased tactilty with a penholder grip

The Luxator P-series offers good tactility and reach with the penholder grip. These instrumetns are thinner and sharper than the original Luxator instruments. Initiating the extraction process with the P-series range will simplify your work.

Availible in 4 different blade tips.


Reasons to use Luxator® P-series

Easy to cut the periodontal ligaments - The titanium coated tip lowers the friction compared to conventional steel instruments. This ensures better access and effective cutting om the periodontal ligaments.

Prope and separationg - The good tactility imporves operator´s ability to probe the periodontal ligament space. It is also useful in multi-rooted molars when the roots require separation.

Minimum power required - The shape and pen-like action of Luxator P-series offers good results with less effort and force required.

User friendly instruments - The penholder grip design provide good tactility, sight and control, making the instrument effective in achieving atraumatic and controlled extractions.


Prod No.

Prod No: 506631 Luxator P1, straight blade, dark green - Straight universal periotome, ideal for anteriors and permolars.
Prod No: 506632 Luxator P2, curved, light blue - A slightly curved periotome for improved ergonomics.
Prod No: 506633 Luxator P3, contra angle, dark blue - Distal use, specially designed for use on posteriors.
Prod No: 506634 Luxator P4, dual edge, lilac - For fractured root tips and very decayed teeth.
Prod No: 506635 Luxator Kit PK4, 4 pcs