OCC Oro Clean Plus

Broad spectrum disinfectant concentrate for the disinfection, cleaning and deodorisation of all dental suction units.


  • Long-term study : Thousands of dentists worldwide have been using this established formula for years for the disinfection and cleansing of their dental suction units, with complete satisfaction.
  • Non-foaming : The suction disinfectant contains anti-foaming agents to ensure smooth running of the aspirating unit.
  • Application concentration of 2% 2 litres of concentrate yields 100 litres of working solution.
  • Maximum cost-effectiveness : The disinfectant is available in 5-litre canisters to reduce waste and offer better value for money.
  • Ideal for weekly use
  • Simple application : The bottle cap contains volume markings for 10 ml, 20 ml, 30 ml, and 40 ml.
  • Biodegradable : The solution is biodegradable and does not negatively impact the ecosystem.
  • Complies with European standards

CH-071020 : 2 litre bottle with measuring cap
CH-071025 : 5 litre canister 

Effective Spectrum / Exposure Times

Bactericidal  2% in 30 min.
Fungicidal (Candida albicans)  2% in 30 min.
Hepatitis B virus (1)  2% in 60 min.
HIV (1)  2% in 60 min.
BVDV / Hepatitis C virus (2)  2% in 5 min.
1) HBsAg antigen test; 2) BVDV surrogate virus test 
Complies with DGHM standard methods, EN 1040, EN 1275
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