OCC Dentiro Wipes

Alcohol-based disinfectant wipes for the disinfection and cleaning of small surfaces. Leaves no residue.


  • Highly effective disinfectant wipes : The highly effective disinfectant wipes inactivate bacteria, fungi and enveloped viruses in 60 seconds.
  • Available in 3 fragrances : The disinfectant wipes are available in 3 fragrances: Classic, Lemon and Floral.
  • Contains less than 50% alcohol : The disinfectant wipes are particularly suitable for the disinfection of sensitive surfaces such as artificial leather covers or acrylic glass.
  • Residue-free drying : The disinfectant wipes leave no streaks and therefore make additional wiping redundant.
  • Highly saturated wipes : The disinfectant wipes remain moist for up to half a year in a tightly closed box.
  • Soft yet highly tear-resistant wipes : The highly tear-resistant disinfectant wipes are soft and therefore particularly suitable for the disinfection of sensitive surfaces such as chair upholstery.
  • Complies with European standards

CH-041065 : Empty tub incl. 1 refill pouch with 120 disinfectant wipes (14.5x20cm), classic scent

CH-041079 : Value pack: 12 refill pouches with 120 disinfectant wipes (14.5 x 20 cm), classic scent

Effective Spectrum / Exposure Times

Bactericidal  60 seconds
MRSA (1)  60 seconds
Fungicidal (Candida albicans)  60 seconds
Tuberculocidal (Mycobacterium terrae)  60 seconds
Enveloped viruses (incl. HBV, HIV) (2)  30 seconds
BVDV / Hepatitis C virus (3)  15 seconds
Coronavirus  30 seconds
Vaccinia virus  30 seconds
Influenza A virus  15 seconds
Herpes simplex virus  15 seconds
1) Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus; 2) Combined vaccinia virus / BVDV surrogate virus tests according to RKI / DVV guidelines; 3) BVDV surrogate virus test 
Complies with EN 1040, EN 1276, EN 1275, EN 13697, EN 14348, EN 1650, RKI / DVV guidelines
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