Cavex Bite&White

The Cavex Bite&White Ready 2 Use professional home whitening system is a unique, fast, safe and above all very simple whitening system for use at home.



  • Consistent whitening result using 6% hydrogen peroxide (partly as carbamide peroxide).
  • Tray covers both upper and lower teeth at the same time.
  • Extremely user friendly
  • Effective without sensitivity
  • Unique ‘one-size-fits-all’ Dryflex® whitening tray
  • Patented system
  • mint flavored
  • pH-neutral


Recommended by professionals

Cavex Bite&White Ready 2 Use is a product of Cavex Holland, a specialised manufacturer of dental products boasting more than one hundred years of experience. Cavex Bite&White Professional Dental Whitening Systems have been extensively tested and are recommended by dentists and dental hygienists. It is effective and does not impair your teeth.

Bright and white teeth

Nice white teeth are an attractive sight. Enough to make you envious! Having white teeth is good for any person’s self-assurance. Did you know that whitening your teeth is exceptionally simple these days? Cavex Bite&White Ready 2 Use is now available; a safe product for whitening your teeth at home. Cavex Bite&White Ready 2 Use is highly efficacious as well as easy to use, and it brings back your bright, white smile!



Whitening teeth safely and effectively

Most people start their life with impeccably white teeth. However, teeth may discolour in the course of time due to the use of coffee, tea and other foodstuffs. In addition, the use of medicines or hereditary dental issues may play a role. And getting older also has an effect on the colour of teeth.

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